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Company Profile

There are numerous videographers in Bangalore, these so-called videographers, probably more than any city in south India. To most people, a video coverage implies, just covering the event, paying some amount of money and accepting whatever has been captured.

Very few understand that videography is an art. Every event, however small it may be, can be made more beautiful and memorable. This is the art that you should look for, when you arrange a video programme.

AD World Photo Art, understands this, for AD World every event is a new experience. Each event is viewed as with the eyes of the customer, ensuring all your customs and traditions are captured, but at the same time, none of those very special moments are missed. Any coverage done by Ad World is a joy to watch again and again. Each time you see a different angle which AD World has considered, more significant.

In AD World team-work is the most important factor. AD World has a team of people who think through and cover the programme with one objective in mind, capture every second and make the minute momentous. AD world believes the production of good videographics is an effort of a complete and dedicated team.

People Profile

AD World provides you with valuable resources of dedicated hard hitting professionals, ready to handle any collateral aspect of the job assigned.


V.T.G.Nath, born in Gujarat is the founder and key man of the company. He is a M.Com., M.B.A. graduate. He has worked with many national and international networks as a free-lance Cameramen and is recipient of many merit certificates for his works. He is an asset in the area of graphic designing and animation. He heads the creative inputs and art direction. He is a hard core, young, dynamic, marketing professional with rich marketing experience.


Gangadhar is qualified in videography and film appreciation. Inspite of having a Degree in Electrical Engineering, his interest in videography brought him into this field.


Mohan is a graduate in Arts from Mysore University. He has been taking up free-lance photography during his graduation. Now a full-fledged photographer. He is a photographer par excellence.


Felix tok up free-lance photography in Bangalore. Then this interest made him to work with Mr.V.T.G.Nath for Adworld with an eye for the unusual, Felix ensures that he captures every special moment of the event.

G.Srinivas Reddy

A Graduate in Science, works very hard for attaining excellent results in digital photographics. He is expert in digital graphics, mixing photography, background scenes in photography, backlight correction, Black and white colour seperation, sharpness adjustment, correction in over and under exposures, high contrast correction, red eye reduction, soft focus, cross filters and free cropping.

The most competitive professional Exposing rates for photography and videography rates are mentioned below:

Post Card Size - Rs.12.00 4 inch x 6 inch Maxie Sze - Rs.15.00 5 inch x 7 inch Cabinet Size - Rs.20.00 6 inch x 8 inch Size - Rs.30.00

Blowups and large print sizes will be charged, depending on the number of copies required.

Video Coverage charges shall be applicable as per the occasion and the equipments used.

The AD World Goal

  • We care for customer satisfaction
  • We care for the customer requirements
  • We care for the customer suggestions
  • We care for the customer expectations
  • We ensure originality of any event is not lost.
  • We ensure the event is captured in full.

    AD World Services

  • Out door Photography
  • Model Portfolios
  • Studio Portraits
  • Digital Photo Mixing, B/W to color separations
  • Camera Sales and Service
  • Video Coverage for Conference, Seminars, Meetings, Advertising and Marriage functions.
  • Advertising through Satellite transmission net-work.

    Special Effects

  • Backlight Correction
  • Sharpness Adjustment
  • Over and Under Exposure Correction
  • High Contrast Correction
  • Red Eye Compensation
  • Soft Focus
  • Cross Filter
  • Free Cropping

    AD World works concentrates on

  • The assumption that customer will favour works which are available and affordable.
  • Pursing improved quality services to all the customers.
  • Delivering the desired satisfaction more effectively and efficiently than its competitors.
  • The primary and most significant objective of customer satisfaction.
  • Having the best of all the skilled cameraman and technicians.
  • People who know how to analyse and improve the service in a fast changing environment.

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