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Company Profile

Located at Bangalore, the garden city of India, Candle Craft World (CCW) takes pride as creators of Wax Statues & over 600 hand crafted artistic products. The company and factory is managed and operated by a team of artists.

CCW products are extra special as each product is individually handcrafted with a personal touch embedded. The terracotta items are designed and manufactured by traditional pottery art using the best mix of material and temperature.

CCW candles & terracotta products have been widely used at pool side & lawn parties, lobbies, weddings, stage settings and festivals. They are also popular as mementos and gifts at company functions, special events, weddings, schools, colleges, hotels and resorts et al. The company's participation is also a great attraction at various Consumer and Art Exhibitions.

Given the World that is advancing towards virtual reality, CCW products are firm on Earth as 'HAND CRAFTED'.


CCW products are derived from a unique combination of aesthetic designs and superior quality. Each product is attributed as a piece of art.

The choice of aromas (perfumes) added in the candles are pleasant and intended to suit the desired ambience. The best quality raw materials are hand picked and further tested at the factory before manufacturing

All new designs are tested for quality and coded before launching as a marketable product. Factory's large scale production undergoes quality control to ensure consistency in the superior quality of products.


New designs and models are constantly created as an ongoing process. The design team has significant expertise in blending of color shades and fragrances. Committed to clients' requirements, CCW undertakes wax projects that involves complex customized designs and models.

CCW designers and production team also work closely with interior decorators and event management houses to harmonize with color and event themes.

CCW undertakes wax projects including wax statues of celebrities. These life-size statues are made with highest precision with respect to character and features. These look-alike life-size statues are known world-wide.


The design and production team at CCW consists mainly of ladies some of whom have undergone various training in Art. At CCW they are further encouraged for their innovation and creativity. CCW products' quality is a reflection of these Artists' talent.

         CCW does not employ children at the factory.


CCW caters to school children to corporation including multinationals, business houses and most importantly hearts and homes of many individuals across the world. Established in 2002, the impeccable growth and success of CCW as a leader is attributed to the encouragement and continued patronage of clients.

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