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Fineprint Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of packaging materials based at Bangalore. As producers of quality packaging material, we have been supplying quality packaging to satisfied customers for a number of years. We have been in business for the last two decades. We are a ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

We manufacture Offset Printed Duplex Board Boxes, Corrugated Boxes and BOPP Self Adhesive Tapes. Our Plant and Machinery are among the best available in the country . Our employees are well experienced and Quality conscious. We thus assure you that our service and Quality would be to your satisfaction.

Quality, service and competitive prices have been our strength, which enables us to cater to a many blue chip companies. Packaging Quality is a vital component of the overall quality of your product.

Pfizer, Himalaya Drug, Micro Labs, Johnson & Johnson are some of our valued customers in the pharma sector. We do also cater to other companies such as Heinz, Madura Garments, MICO, Titan Industries.


  • The offset unit has at its disposal 4 colours, 5 colours, and single colour machineries enabling the company to run the various combination of colour schemes efficiently.

    A variety of finishes including Aqua varnish, UV varnish, Lamination, gold foil could be provided.

    A full fledged finishing section consisting of punching, pasting, & sorting facilities ensures that deliveries are on time and meets the costumers quality standard.

  • The corrugation unit is a full fledged integrated unit. It has at its disposal a full range of machines from Corrugation to Printing and Finishing. Spread over 15,000 Sq.ft., the unit is designed to ensure timely deliveries and a high standard of quality.

  • The BOPP tape division is a fully integrated unit capable of coating, slitting (from 9mm onwards) and two colour printing. The unit is fully equipped to provide a high standard of quality.

    All the divisions are manned by qualified personnel with vast experience and a high degree of commitment to maintain quality in all our products.

    The company is in the process of acquiring ISO 9000 Certification.

    We do look forward to receiving an opportunity to be of service to your esteemed company. We assure you of our commitment to keep our quality, service and prices to your entire satisfaction.

    We look forward to hearing from you and initiating what we are confident would be a mutually beneficial association.

    Brief list of customers

  • Heinz India Ltd.
  • Glaxo Smithline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Titan Industries Ltd.
  • Global Pharma
  • Madura Garments
  • Burrough Welcome (I) Ltd
  • The Himalaya Drug Co. Ltd.
  • RB Associates Pvt. ltd.
  • U B Global Corporation Ltd.
  • Kernwell Ltd.
  • Pfizer Ltd.
  • N.Ranga Rao & Sons
  • BPL Sanyo Ltd.
  • BPL Soft Energy System
  • Page Apparel Mfg. Pvt. Ltd. (Jockey)
  • Jagdale Exports
  • Juggat Pharma Ltd.
  • Bharath Indl. Corporation Ltd.
  • Vasu Agarbathies
  • Medreich Sterilab Ltd.
  • Remidex Pharma Ltd.
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Arvind Brands Ltd.

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