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Hi-tech floriculture, growing Exotic Vegetables, Medicinal Plants, Ornamental Plants, Bedding Plants, Flower Seeds, Tissue Culture Hardening, Propagation of Seedlings etc., are some of the emerging areas involving green house growing practices.

Green Field Industries, Bangalore, engaged in manufacturing and installation of Green Houses with innovative design and manufacturing techniques coupled with exclusive use of quality materials has installed a range of green houses with proven reliability and performance record second to none.

We design and build green houses taking into consideration of the localized climate aspects such as wind speed, rainfall, Temperature Variations, Humidity, Sunshine etc., and incorporate systems suitable to create appropriate climate conditions suitable for the plant variety grown inside the green house.

We supply and erect custom made solutions to the specific requirements of the individual growers.

Our range of products include:

  • Green house with 3.5 and 4 mtr. gutter height, 6.4, and 8 mtrs. span, galvanized tubular structure, GI gutters, hinged / sliding doors.
  • Shading systems : Fixed and manually movable shading Systems with 25%, 50%, 75% shade factors.
  • Black out and thermal screens
  • Drip irrigation and fertigation in Green House.
  • Fan and pad cooling systems with automatic temperature controllers.
  • Misting and fogging for humidifying and cooling.
  • Horizontal Air flow fans to eliminate hot spots.
  • Growing Benches (Static / Rolling type)
  • Insects Net.
  • Side Roll up arrangements
  • Support netting for growing carnation.

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