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Company Profile

Mahaveera Transport Limited, we come to you with thirty years of experience in transportation country-wide. Over the years, the company has built up the infrastructure and management to provide a customer friendly organisation to meet your logistic requirements with optimal efficiency all-round. To begin with, we have a developed management structure-service, production, operations, finance and accounts, humans resource development, administration, information technology, research and development and sales support. Additionally, the company has Zonal offices which provide requisite interface of our branches with the corporate headquarters. The organisation has developed in house facilities for the repair and maintenance of its fleet, and has proven experience in designing and fabrication of specialized truck carriers currently in service with companies who are national leaders in their field. This has been a direct result of an integrated approach towards building and organized service sector entity. In order to cope with volumes efficiently, there has been sustained in house effort aimed improving decision support systems to replace our existing software packages. A few of the modules are already online and others are to follow. New induction to the fleet are also inducted regularly, as and when the ned of customer arises. The new inductions include specialized automobile self loading carriers and hybrids to service the white and goods industry. What this means quite simply is that we are not only CARGO carries - we design build, maintain and run them.

Mahaveera Transport is gearing to provide high volume traffic with operational parameters optimized to your benefit-so that we get you whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever... we your partners in progress.

...since we are committed to organization and growth, our optimization problem will necessitate quicker reaction times to increasingly larger data inputs. To this end, we have already initiated the process of development of decision support software, in house, and some of the modules are currently under trails. We will also be making our country wide communication more effective and reliable by augmenting existing communication with computer networking. Feasibility studies for a semi online fleet management system have been conducted and GTS Global Tracking System) have been tested. The company has invested in trained manpower with diverse background which gives us the advantage of having an inherently capable technology absorption capacity.

Mahaveera Transport is looking at continuous upgradation of basic infrastructure from prime mover to systems and procedures in house. We hope to be able to provide round the clock consignment status and carrier position on query via dia up modem. We are also looking at implementation of computerized vehicle diagnostic equipment and modern fabrication equipment for in house production.

We are committed to provide customer satisfaction and value added services at marginal costs to serve you better today and tomorrow.

Mahaveera Tranport looks forward to this opportunity of association with your esteemed organisation.

We are committed translating reliable and efficient logistic solutions into reality. This involves superior carriers, an experienced and dedicated workforce and improved management aided by information systems.

We assure you of our continuing efforts to cope with your changing requirement in today's dynamic environment.

You can rely on us to make things move.

This for us, is just the beginning... with you.

Other companies of Mahaveera Transport Limited

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  • Solar Raodways, Bangalore - Automobile Transporters
  • Jain Jewellers, Delhi - Jewellery Sales
  • Sonal Exports (P) Ltd., Delhi - Jewellery Exports

    Mahaveera Transport - A Customer Care

    With Highway Automation System your consignments in our Truck could be anywhere in India and yet be just a phone call away.

    With Highway Automation System is being Tested and Fitted for all the Trucks to give us the Trucks to assure you the speedy safety services.

    Our branches are:

  • Ahmedabad
  • Bangalore
  • Baroda
  • Calcutta
  • Chandigarh
  • Chennai
  • Cochin
  • Cuddalore
  • Delhi
  • Ghaziabad
  • Goa
  • Gurgaon
  • Hyderabad
  • Jaipur
  • Kottayam
  • Mumbai
  • Mysore
  • Pondicherry
  • Pune
  • Vapi

    Mahaveera Transport - Addon Services

    To support valuable customes for cost effective consignments and cargo on Railways. It operates for Speedy Deliveries through SLR and VPU. Available bookings on Railways and Airways.

    Some of our valued customers are listed below:

  • Amco Batteries Limited, Bangalore and Chennai
  • Appollo Tyres Limited, Ernakulam and Baroda
  • Bata India Limited, Calcutta
  • BPL Limited, Bangalore and Noida
  • Carier Refrigeration Limited, Bangalore
  • Ceat Tyres Limited, Bangalore and Cochin
  • Coutaulds Coating and Sealants (India) Pvt. ltd.,
  • Crompton Greaves Limited, Cochin and Bangalore
  • Daewoo Anchor Limited, Hosur
  • Exide Industries Limited, Hosur
  • Falcon Tyres, Mysore
  • Grindwell Norton Limited, Bangalore
  • Hindustan Lever Limited, Bangalore and Goa
  • Hyundai Motor India Limited, Chennai
  • Indo Nissin Foods Limited, Jigani
  • Indian Refrigeration Company Limited, Hosur
  • ITI Limited, Bangalore
  • Johnson and Johnson Limited, Bombay
  • Kelvinator Refrigeration Limited
  • Kirloskar Batteries
  • Kirloskar Toyoda Textile Machinery Ltd
  • Kurlon Limited
  • Maruti Udyog Limited, Gurgaon
  • MM Rubber Co. Limited, Chennai
  • MRF Limited, Chennai, Arakonam, Goa, Medak, Pondicheery and Kottayam
  • Mysore Lamps Works Limited, Bangalore
  • NTTF Industries Limited, Bangalore
  • Pearl Polymers Limited, Jigani
  • Philips India Limited
  • Premier Automobiles Limited, Bombay
  • Proctor and Gamble Limited, Bombay
  • RPG Telecommunications, Mysore
  • Smithkline Beecham Consumer Health Care Ltd., Delhi and Pune
  • Supreme Industries Limited, Pondicherry
  • TELCO, Pune
  • TTK Prestige Limited, Bangalore and Hosur
  • Videocon International Limited, Hosur
  • Whirlpool W.M. Pondicherry
  • Wrigley India Limited, Bangalore.

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