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Company Profile

Mercantile Agencies was established in the year 1966 and deals in all kinds of tailoring materials, garment accessories, etc. It caters to major garment exporters and leather goods and leather garments manufactures for over 40 years.

The product range covers almost all items that go into the making of a garment, leather products, bags, tents, furnishing products and various other associated products. Some of the items are listed below:

  • Thread - Cotton, polyester, nylon, etc.
  • Tapes - Twill Tapes, Harringbone Tapes, Nawar Tapes (Available in cotton, polyester, P.P. and Nylon, etc.)
  • Zips - L.F.C., C.F.C., Concealed Zippers, Metal and Nylon Zippers, Tailor-made Zippers
  • Buttons - Nylon, Plastic, Wooden, Coconut Shell, etc.
  • Ropes & Cords - Cotton, Poly, Nylon, P.P. Jute, etc.
  • Interlinings - Fusible Cloth, Woven and Non-woven Cloth, Buckrum, Drill, etc.
  • Velcro - Hook and Loop Fasteners in various sizes and colours.
  • Needles & Scissors - Machine needles, hand needles, of prestigious companies like M/s.Needle Industries, M/s.Groz Beckert, M/s.Altek Lammertz, M/s.Organ Co., etc.
  • Elastics - Cotton, Nylon, Lycra, etc.
  • Packing Materials - Collar Pattis, Nylon Straps, Tag Gun, Gun Needles, Gum Tapes, Bopp Tapes, etc.

All also sell all kinds of threads in cotton, polyester, nylon. All major brands are available. We are a distributors of Garlon Bag Closing Thread and Stockists of Coats and Vardhman threads.

Our motto is 3 Fs i.e. Fine Quality, Fast Delivery and Fair Prices.

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