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"A Mantra is Divinity. It is Divine Power manifesting in a sound body. The Mantra itself is Devata. A Mantra is so called because itis achieved by Mental process. ' Man' means ' 'to think' and 'tra' means 'to protect' or 'free from the bondage of samsara'.

"Mahanat trayate iti mantrah " --- by the manana ( constant thinking ) of which one is protected or is released from the cycle of Birth and Death is Mantra.

Repeatition of the Mantra removes the dirt of the mind such as lust, anger, greed etc. It makes the atmosphere Divine. Even a little recitation of a Mantra with Sraddha, Bhava and concentration on its meaning destroys all impurities of the mind. In this Kaliyuga, repeatition of God's name, Namasmaranam, is the only and the best way for solvation. One should utter the name of God or any Mantra regularly everyday.

After constant thinking a lot, I finally decided to manufacture Chanting Device for the public ( not only to have it as a business proosal ) but also as a good gesture, since chanting of Mantras will bring Goodness and Prosperity in everybody's life. Once on deciding to develop an instrument for chanting Mantras, I have done the same and named it as Shilpa Chanting Device.

Now this Shilpa Chanting Device is not only marketed in India but also in foreign countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, U.S.A, Germany, Australia, Canada, South Africa etc.

This system is fitted with a pre-recorded chip that will help play, religious Mantras and Shlokas, non-stop for 24 hours, without the need of Tape Recorder, C.D Player etc.

This system is based on advanced technology and hence the sound remains unchanged even after years. The system is fitted in a attractive cabinet and it requires to be connected to 230V power supply. It is Unique and Divine Gist for all occasions.

This system can be installed at Home, Office, Shop, Factory, Temple etc. It will definitely makes one to feel a different atmosphere by making mentally relax.

Finally, our idea of bringing out this Chanting Device is to transform people from mere Chatter Box to Chanting Box. The recital of these Mantras destroys our sins and brings everlasting Peace, infinite Bliss, Prosperity and purifies the atmosphere and makes it serene and Divine. Mere playing of this Chanting Box will not do any good. Either we have to chant along or atleast listen to the Mantras. This will bring you the desired results".


Shilpa Chanting Device - Specialist manufacturer of electronic instrument for chanting shlokas and mantras, chanting devices in India. Exporter of quality device for chant mantras and shlokas from India.
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