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Company Profile

Rockland Gym was established in the year 1998 by Mr.Suresh as a sole proprietorship concern. In our gymnasium the following services are available like general fitness exercises, weight gain exercises and weight loss exercises, aerobic and dance exercises are conducting in our gymnasium. Both men and women can join in our gymnasium and having separate gym for ladies and gents. We have three gymasium in different places in Bangalore. Past few years our gym has done fantastic growth in training peoples and make them slim and fit.

We got modernised and sophisticated equipments like Cycling, Jogger, Vibrator, Crunch Machine, etc. We got multi stations for new comers which is having exercises like shoulder, chest, back, biceps, triceps, thighs, etc. which is very helpful for beginners.

We are having different sizes of bar for different parts of body, different sizes of dombell which is cromium coated which is a rust proof metal.

We are having well experienced trainers and instructors who are experienced in Weight Training, Weight Reducing and General Fitness Exercises, etc.

From 5 years Rockland Gym has trained lot of students in such a way that students were participated in many body building competitions and won the prizes.

Fee Details

Admission Fees for new comers - Rs.50.00

Per Month - Rs.200.00
For 2 Months - Rs.350.00
For 3 Months - Rs.500.00
For 6 Months - Rs.1000.00
For 12 Months - Rs.1800.00.

Dress Regulations

The members of this Gym are advised to strictly adhere to the following dress regulations.

  • Shorts with T Shirt or Shorts with Banian and Sport / Warm-up Shoes.
  • Full Track Suit with Sports Warm-up Shoes.

    Rules and Regulations

    The management of Rockland Gym are highly motivated to extend superior and satisfactory service to all members. In order to do so, adherance to the following rules and regulations by the members are essential.

    • This Gym is strictly meant for members only. Non members are not allowed to enter our Gym premises.
    • The Management expect the members wile in the Rockland Gym premises to maintain decent and cultured behaviour and ensure friendly and peaceful atmosphere.
    • Disputes and misunderstandings between the members should be discussed and settled outside the premises to avoid disturbance and inconvenience to other members.
    • Members are requested to strictly follow guidelines and instructions of our trained instructors to avoid mis-shape during workouts. Members should seek their assistance if they want any changes in their scheduled workouts.
    • The Rockland is open to members of all communities irrespective of their caste of creed.
    • All fees will be received strictly in advance at the time of admission and subsequently members should pay fees on due date.
    • Name of those members who are in arrears for 6 days will be struck off the Register, and re-admission will be granted only on payment of all arrears.
    • Any loss of, or damage to the apparatus will have to be made good by the members concerned. Management is not responsible for the loss of money and items of members.
    • Fees once paid will not be refunded or transferable under any circumstances.
    • Persons under the influence of alchohol are not permitted.
    • Persons who are mentally / physically unfit are not admitted.

    Members will not be allowed inside the Gym if they do not adhere to the above rules and dress regulations.

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