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Company Profile

Sankalp Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in the year November 2003 as a Pvt. Ltd. company and Mr.Narayana Reddy is the Managing Director of the company. We are dealers in all kinds of home needs like Cookers, Hotpacks, Copper Bottom Utensils and other kitchen appliances. We offer chain marketing to our customers as follows:

  • 1st Level - Rs.140 + Reward
  • 2nd Level - Rs.200 Cash + Funworld Ticket
  • 3rd Level - Rs.350 Cash + 2 Re entries and Rs.100 worth gift
  • 4th Level - Rs.600 Cash + 1 Health Card and Rs.100 worth gift
  • 5th Level Rs.1600 Cash + 4 Re entries and Rs.600 worth gift
  • 6th Level Rs.3200 Cash + 10 Re entries and Rs.1000 worth gift
  • 7th Level Rs.7200 Cash + 16 Re entries and Rs.1200 worth gift.

    Our team development incentives are:

  • Direct Refferal Level - Rs.15/-
  • 1st Grade Level - Rs.5/-
  • 2nd Grade Level - Rs.4/-
  • 3rd Grade Level - Rs.3/-
  • 4th Grade Level - Rs.2/-.

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