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Company Profile

ShivaKumar Metal Pressing are masters in the art of Sheet Metal Fabrication business, where we have been dealing successfully for almost half a decade. We cater to the needs of the hospitality industry, government institutions, hospitals, ports, banks, financial institutions, caterers, mandap decorators and so on and so forth. We specialise in Sheet Metal Fabrication in GI, CRC, SS, Aluminium and other metals.

Our products have a huge market due to our extraordinary quality. They can be listed as follows:

  • Enclosures
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • G.I.Trunks
  • Hardware and Tool Boxes
  • Buckets and Rat Traps
  • Fire Buckets/Dustbins
  • Square Boxes
  • Letter/Cash Boxes
  • Bath Tubs
  • Water Tanks
  • Watering Cans
  • Round Tanks
  • CRC and PVC Barrels


    Stringent quality measures are taken at every stage of our production process. From the collection of the raw materials to the delivery of the finished products, all kinds of measures are taken to ensure that our products maintain their reliability and durability. We are constantly endeavoring to make our products innovative and customer friendly.


    All our popular products are the result of the strong infrastructural support we provide to our workforce. Our strength lies in the experienced, efficient and enthusiastic professionals that work round the clock to make our mission success. Our research and development wing is worth mentioning. It is responsible for manufacturing innovative products.


    Our varied product range has enabled us to garner clients all over the world. We always believe that customers are the ultimate judges of our products.

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