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Aluminium is an abundant, light metal with a silvery appearance, used in the manufacture of products requiring light weight, resistance to corrosion and electrical conductivity. Sri Abirami Castings Private Limited, is the largest manufacturer of aluminium based alloys in South India. Sri Abirami Castings started operations in 1991 by reclaiming Aluminium from aluminium scrap like borings, turnings and slag. Merging the traditional practices of metallurgy with the state-of-the-art machinery, Sri Abirami Castings has been in the forefront in environmentally friendly production practices.

Sri Abirami Castings is renowned for its quality products and its core strength has been its teamwork and commitment towards excellence.. We manufacture aluminium alloys as per international standards, gravity die casting components and fully machined aluminium components. Sri Abirami Castings has evolved over the years to become a single source for aluminium, right from sourcing of raw materials to the supply of machined components to the assembly line with zero defects.

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