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Company Profile

TREDA - Treatment Rehabilitation And Education of Drug Abuse, A De-addiction and Counselling Centre has been actively involved in a number of social services. Our emphasis has been on improving the lives of backward, poor and 'substance addicted' people in our rural and urban areas. Inaugurated by Professor Channabasavanna, the former Director of NIMHANS - Bangalore, in 1993, TREDA is registered as on NGO under the Karnataka Societies Act 1960. Founded by Sr.Lilly Chunkapura who is its present Director and Secretary, TREDA has as its patron His Grace Rt.Rev.Dr.Ignatius Pinto.

Follow up

Our staff comprises of professionally qualified counsellors, trained nurses, visiting physician and psychiatrist and Director. Our daily schedule is divided into periods for Group and Individual Therapy Sessions; Family Counselling; Medication, Yoga-Relaxation Exercises, Therapeutic Tasks; Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings; Classes on Physical and Mental Impairments that Addiction Causes; and Recreation time which includes outdoor games; gardening, evening walks and celebrations. Our counsellors help each resident to analyze and identify the root causes that resulted in their addiction and then help them solve these.

Our in-house programs are low cost-high quality ones that combine a multi disciplinary therapy approach. This facilitates our patients and their families to step into more fruitful, productive lives. On being admitted all patients are helped through a detoxification process followed by counselling under the supervision of trained professional counsellors.

After, these recovered people leave our residential program, a regular and systematic after-care system is ensured. Our field personnel and counsellors regularly visit the recovered addicts and their families, making sure that sobriety is maintained. This helps us to monitor and solve any problems that they might face after having left our centre.

Today, 60 adopted villages are looked after by TREDA. We have conducted more than 800 awareness programs for the public. More than 10000 people have participated in our education programs successfully. And, at our modern De-Addiction and Counselling Centre in Bangalore, more than 4000 substance addicted people have been set free from alcohol and drug dependency. The recovery rate has been 60% annually.

Our objectives

Main Goal - Create a Drug Free Society

  • To render services appropriate to the local need for comprehensive management of Alcohol and Drug abuse.
  • Prevention through awareness creation on the ill effect of addiction.
  • To educate the community about the dangers of AIDS and how to prevent infection.
  • To promote social justice, economic freedom, community development and self reliance.
  • To enable deprived people to develop and improve their individual personalities and living conditions.
  • To mobilize women and organize them for education, self reliance and empowerment.

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