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Unicorn Telecommunications, are one of the leading retailers of mobiles and its accessories in Chetpet with an eye over the untapped development and rapid avenues in the telecommunication field particularly in the cellular services.


Unicorn Telecommunication was born in the year 2003 with three sales persons. And situated in the prime location of the Spurtank Road, near the Spurtank Road & Harrington Road Signal. Unicorn, at the time of inception was dealing with cellphones, accessories and prepaid cards. Unicorn was the first mobile shop to be opened in spurtank road.

At Unicorn we are striving with our unflinging aim of achieving the best and give the best to our customers. Our motto is Unicorn is the right place for the right people to buy.

Background of the company

Mrs.S.Harani Vasini who completed her graduation in English literature in the year 1995, she started this outlet with only three people, her hard work and untiring attitude as made her achieve very good support from the customer and related companies.

Nature of Business

Unicorn Telecommunications was the first retail shop in spurtank road, and it deals with postpaid connections, prepaid connections, cell phones and accessories, it also deals with related products.


August 07th 2003... Unicorn Telecommunications started with three people as it's staff, dealing with cell phones, pre-paid connections and accessories, September 2003. The staffs was increased to 10 people and starts with dealing with pos-tpaid connections. October 2003.. Unicorn starts concentrating more on post-paid connections, seeing it's potential and employs two tele-marketing peoples and four marketing peoples. November 2003.. Unicorn was doing above 100 post-paid connections, now unicorn is doing more than 200 post-paid connections per month till currently.

Cause for Growth

The cause behind the success in achieving the present position in making postpaid connections and in selling cellular phones is due to the better understanding of the customers and in dealing with the customer care service.

Unicorn is proud to mention that, it was able to achieve its present position only through the satisfaction of customers and by the encouragement rendered by Unicorn, towards it employees by having human approach in understanding its employees and by boosting the employees with new ideas whenever they needed it.


Unicorn is capable in handling almost on all the needs of the customers in the cellular field, from purchase of a handset to providing the customer with the services of the various requirements.

Unicorn has a very wide customer base and is proud about the customer care services it provides. Unicorn is capable of doing more postpaid connections and is proud that it achieves its target.

Unicorn Services

For understanding Unicorn services it has to be experienced for we at Unicorn will relieve you from all burdens off your shoulders by our quality services.

Details of Office Premises

Unicorn Telecommunication is situated at No.88, Spurtank Road, Chetpet, Chennai 600031. Showroom space is about 650 sq.ft., sufficient to handle every customer to walks inside Unicorn.

Back Office

Back Office is of 200 Sq.ft. of area.

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